Bulk Stripping

LEWCOR’s bulk mining fleet can cater for large mining projects, whether selective mining or bulk stripping. The mining fleets consist of machines in good mechanical condition with good mechanical availability to give the customer the most productive machine time on site. Whether you need load and haul units, loading and hauling of material to be dumped on specified destinations, or full mining services, we can assist with:

  • Haul road building;
  • Haul road maintenance;
  • Dust suppression;
  • De-watering;
  • Secondary rock-breaking;
  • Feeding of crushers;
  • Rehandling teams;
  • Drilling and blasting; and
  • Rehabilitation.

Pit De-watering and Water Control

LEWCOR has a dedicated de-watering team assisting its mining operations in order to prevent work-area flooding, with high lift pumps for the maximum head, or high volume pumps for bulk water removal. LEWCOR can also assist in the construction of temporary holding dams, hydrex dams, pipeline installations and the erection of goosenecks in order to be in full control of your de-watering needs.



We at LEWCOR strive as much as possible to return our environment back to its original state and to prepare the mined-out areas and waste dumps to blend in with the surrounding areas.This includes:

  • Sloping of waste dumps to specified angles and slopes;
  • Water drains and erosion control;
  • Blending-in wasted dumps; and
  • Spreading of topsoil.

Selective Mining

A method of mining, that involves leaving the best ore in order to make good mill returns, leaving the low-grade ore in the mine. This usually entails the use of a much more expensive stopping system with high exploration and development costs.